Javier "Monty" Kaplan                                                   

Photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


2016 - Essay on Silence - Casa Rodolfo Walsh, Buenos Aires.
2016 - La Primavera que No Fue. (Group Exhibit) - Centro Cultural Matienzo, Buenos Aires.

2016- Group Show - Greenpoint Gallery, NY.
2017 - 3-5th of February, Group exhibition "inside instagram" at onomato künstlerverein curated by Marlène Meyer-Dunker

In Print

- Rundown Magazine / "Mundane Edition" print zine (Featured)

- LovZine / Issue #1

- Archive Collective Magazine / The Earth Issue

- Create Magazine / Issue #2

- Paradise magazine / Issue #1

- Noice Magazine "The Red Issue" / Issue .002

-Maps Magazine Issue #110

-Satori: Issue #2 "Change" 


Selected Publications and Features.
- Splash and Grab Magazine, UK (Featured) 
-Yet Magazine (Featured with "Nightcrawler" series)
-Aye Mag (Featured with "Nightcrawler series)
-Archive Collective Magazine (Featured with "The 'Burbs" series)
-Pict Club - Interview, with "Nightcrawler" Series
-Son of a Gun Magazine - Feature & Interview
-Pool Resources - Feature
-Velvet Eyes - Feature
-PhotoArt Mag - Feature
-LovZine - Feature ("Sleep Paralysis" Series)
-PH_ROOM Magazine - Feature
-Life-Framer - Urban Emptiness Article
-Majestigal Magazine - Feature                                               -The FADER (Photo for Bungalovv) 
-Visceral8: FORM (Exclusive content for Visceral)
-Pocket Magazine (Interview)                                                        -It's Nice That (Feature)                                                                  -Unrated (Spotlight)                                                                      -i-D: My year in Pictures (Feature)